A Hipster’s 6-Step Guide to the City of Lights: Spend Your Las Vegas Discount Vacation Packages in Style

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Las Vegas? Big parties, 24-hour casinos, over-the-top extravaganzas? These are just some of the images we associate with Sin City.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is getting more crowded by the day: 42 million people visited the City of Lights in 2015, breaking records for the third year in a row, according to Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority statistics.

But look a little closer and you’ll find a different side of Las Vegas. Away from the bright lights of the big city are a host of trendy, innovative attractions that are drawing attention for being on the cutting-edge: fresh cuisine, trendsetting shows and interesting neighborhoods.

If you want to spend your time off enjoying a new, exciting experience, then browse through the Las Vegas discount vacation packages from Travel Options. With our budget-friendly deals, you can relax in a high-end hotel, enjoy savory eats and get your thrill fix without cutting into your savings.

If you are visiting Las Vegas on a discount vacation package, make sure these six sights and activities make your itinerary:

  1. Grab a Coffee at Mothership

A micro-roastery with a handful of interesting blends, Mothership serves as a refuge for lovers of a perfectly crafted flat white. Almond milk, nitrogen brews, lavender lattes – this one has it all. The pour-overs are a treat, and the farm-to-table pastries are a local favorite.

  1. Go Shopping at Container Park

An open-air celebration of all things entrepreneurial, this little shopping center – constructed from old shipping containers – is packed with original ideas and quirky designs, from jewelry and shoes to clothes and all kinds of interesting boutiques. There’s also a small art gallery and collections of cool home décor. This is the side of Las Vegas that most visitors miss.

  1. Chill out at Park on Fremont

Take in the sun on the patio while snacking on the French Toast Casserole – and if you’re into quirky cocktails, try the Trophy Wife. You will struggle to find a better way to spend the afternoon in Las Vegas.

  1. Have Fun at Goldspike

Billing itself as an adult playground, at Goldspike you can choose from an array of games – and find a few you’ve never heard of: Think Giant Beer Pong and Soccer Pool. Head out in the Backyard for a few social rounds of Octopong, or relax at Fiddlestix, a family-friendly diner.

  1. Eat out at Le Thai

Well-priced and never crowded, this little Thai restaurant offers simple curries and unpretentious noodle dishes. It won’t break the bank, but will soak up all those lunchtime beers.

  1. Dance All Night at Commonwealth

Something of a locals-only secret hangout spot, Commonwealth is about as stylish as downtown Las Vegas gets. With a swanky Prohibition-era feel, the 6,000-square-feet cocktail bar is great for mingling, dancing or just plain drinking. Head upstairs onto the rooftop for an evening under the stars, or go on the hunt for the secret, members-only bar.

A sightseeing trip to Las Vegas might seem expensive, but you can save thousands with the Las Vegas discount vacation packages from Travel Options. Browse our website to find mind-blowing vacation discounts in Las Vegas, Daytona, Miami and other destinations across the United States.



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