One Perfect Day O-Town: 7 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Orlando Discount Vacation Packages

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Everyone knows Orlando. Rollercoasters, amusement parks, SeaWorld – this is a city that has made a name for itself as a world-renowned tourist destination.

With that kind of reputation comes serious popularity. Data from the official trade and tourism bureau Visit Orlando shows that the city welcomed a record 66 million people in 2015. That’s some serious growth: Visitors to Orlando have doubled in the past two decades.


Orlando draws a hefty crowd for its acclaimed attractions, but take a closer look and you’ll find that it’s the smaller spots that keep people coming back for more. Take some time to go behind the scenes in O-Town, and you’ll be richly rewarded.

If you would like to see the sights in Orlando without breaking the bank, browse the discount vacation packages offers from Travel Options. With our vacation packages, you can save thousands on the best hotels, restaurants and attractions in Florida.

Don’t waste your discount vacation packages just wandering around; read on to learn seven ways to have the perfect day in Orlando:

  1. Grab a Coffee at Credo

A local’s favorite, Downtown Credo is a laidback coffee shop with a difference. For one, it’s a non-profit organization, dedicated to improving the lives of everyone in the city, where you pay what you feel your cup is worth. Second, it’s got some of the best Fair Trade-certified blends in the area.

  1. Take a Run through Winter Park

Running in Orlando is a unique experience: part road running, part trail adventuring, you’ll be treated to smooth, unending strips of tar while surrounded by the area’s distinctive forests and fauna.

  1. Brunch at Briarpatch

More of a landmark than another trendy restaurant, this Winter Park institution has been serving great breakfasts since the 80s. There’s nothing too outrageous on the menu, but it’s all very good. Try the truffle fried eggs, or Blue Heaven wheat and fiber pancakes.

  1. Swim in Some Open Water

When you think of Orlando’s beaches, one of the first things that probably comes to mind is crowds of people. Fortunately, there are secret spots where you can get your arms working. Try Playalinda to feel like you’re on an island, or Sapphire Beach if you want some scenery with your swim.

  1. Eat at the East End Market

Yes, you could hit one of the many local restaurants – or you could turn lunch into a whole-afternoon affair among charming stalls packed with a variety of interesting goods. Check out the cheese bar, and the bookstore – and drink in the sun under the oak trees.

  1. Go for a Night Ride

The best way to welcome the setting sun in Orlando? On your bike. The cycling-crazy city hosts a multitude of monthly get-togethers. Take your pick from Critical Mass, Urban Assault and the KBS Night Ride.

  1. Get a Drink at Imperial

Fun drinks, fantastic food and a non-stop party vibe – Imperial Bar features a lively outdoor beer garden where you can relax under the stars and toast the perfect day. Expect charcuterie, cheese platters and every foreign craft beer you never knew existed.

There’s something for everyone in Orlando – and if it sounds expensive, just wait until you see how much you can save with the Orlando discount vacation packages from Travel Options. Browse our site to find the best deals in Las Vegas, Daytona, Miami and other destinations across the United States.




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