Dinner to Die for in Sin City: Las Vegas Vacation Discounts for Foodies

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Spectacular shows, one-of-a-kind attractions, and of course, a host of glamorous casinos – these are just some of the sights millions of people enjoy in Las Vegas every year. But there’s another reason why so many tourists make the trip: flavorful, succulent, robust and tantalizingly delicious food.

Las Vegas

More than 42 million people flocked to Las Vegas in 2015 – a number that has been steadily ticking upward for the past decade – according to data from the Las Vegas Conventions and Visitors Authority. Here’s something you might not know about those visitors – fewer and fewer of them come to Vegas with the aim of gambling.

The 2015 Las Vegas Visitor Profile Study found that while gaming numbers are decreasing, a myriad of other industries are way, way up. So what are those millions of visitors enjoying in Sin City, if not the chance to try out their gambling skills? Many – if not most – of these tourists are hitting Vegas, at least in part, to enjoy the world’s best dining experiences.

If you’re dilly dallying over whether to book the next flight out to Las Vegas, just think of all the world-class eateries waiting for you on the other side – then browse through the discount vacation packages from Travel Options. You’ll find mind-blowing vacation discounts in Las Vegas, Daytona, Miami and other destinations across the United States.

There are countless reasons to take a trip to Las Vegas on a discount vacation package – let’s start with these top-shelf restaurants:

  1. Bardot Brasserie

Fancy enough to impress the fussiest date, yet packed with endearing details, this French-inspired bistro boasts a diverse menu and helpful staff. Don’t go expecting huge portions – but do try the Oak Smoked Duroc Pork Chop.

  1. Carnevino

As the name would suggest, this Palazzo Italian steakhouse does two things well: meat and wine. Expect duck ragu and tartare like you’ve never tasted it before – and with a wine list this long, you’re better off asking the waiter for his favorite.

  1. Carson Kitchen

If you’ve long avoided Fremont East, we don’t blame you, but the recently gentrified district is the new home of casual, hipster-friendly restaurants – and at the top of that foodie chain is this homely gastropub. Try out any of the social platters, then dig into the Glazed Donut Bread Pudding.

  1. Harvest

The farm-to-table trend has come to Las Vegas, and in some style too. This Bellagio eatery makes good use of its wide-open spaces to create a casual ambience that encourages conversation – and stocks some of the finest produce in the region. The roasted half chicken – brined in a local ale and smoked – is a local favorite.

  1. Kabuto

To call the items on the Kabuto menu “sushi” would be a disservice – works of art might be more accurate. This is because each and every piece is prepared especially for you, by expert chefs who know more about your palate than you do. Take a look at the sake menu, then get your jaw off the floor and ask for suggestions.

We know what you’re thinking: These restaurants look amazing, but is the bill worth the trip? Click through to the Las Vegas discount vacation packages at Travel Options to make that a resounding yes! With our vacation discounts, you can save thousands on the best hotels, restaurants and attractions Las Vegas has to offer.



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